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Our company specializes in selling a wide range of mice that combine outstanding quality, comfort and innovative solutions. We invite you to explore the world of modern computing devices to find the perfect mouse to suit your needs and preferences.

TechnoMouse Company is where innovation and ergonomics meet to create the best computer accessories. We are proud of our wealth of experience and expertise in technology. Our team strives to offer you the best possible experience and convenience when using your computer.








Wireless Mice TechnoMouse Company

Our wireless mice offer convenience and portability. Thanks to them, you can move freely within your workspace without worrying about wires, which makes your work more comfortable and efficient.

We offer innovative technologies that provide a stable wireless connection, minimizing latency and providing precise control of your computer. Whether you work professionally, play video games, or are simply looking for a reliable wireless mouse for everyday use, our products will fit your needs.


Optical Mice TechnoMouse Company

Our optical mice provide a variety of choices for customers, and each of them has outstanding accuracy and instant response to movements. We offer a wide range of options, including standard models for everyday use and advanced gaming mice for gamers.

Whatever your needs, you'll find the perfect optical mouse with us. Our products provide a confident and comfortable computing experience, delivering high performance and precision for all your tasks and entertainment.

Gaming Mice TechnoMouse Company

Our gaming mice are ideal for gamers who demand high sensitivity and full customization while gaming. These devices provide maximum control and precision, making them an excellent choice for gaming of any genre.

You can customize mouse settings such as sensitivity, color lighting, and function buttons to create a custom gaming experience that suits your needs and style. Our gaming mice allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors and achieve the best results in the gaming world.


Vertical Mice

Our vertical mice are specially designed for those who value their health and comfort while working. They provide a natural and comfortable hand position and prevent stress on the joints and wrists during long working hours.

The vertical shape of the mouse allows the hand to be in a natural vertical position, which reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other diseases associated with prolonged use of the mouse.

Our vertical mice are also equipped with advanced optical sensors for high precision and smooth movements. They have easy-to-use buttons and a scroll wheel for improved productivity. If you are looking for the perfect solution for a comfortable and healthy computer experience, then our vertical mice are a great choice.

Our advantages:

Quality: We work with leading brands to provide you with high quality products.

Variety: Our range includes different models, colors and features to suit all your needs.

Expertise: Our specialists are ready to offer you professional recommendations and consultations.

Convenience: Order your mouse online and receive convenient delivery to your home or office.



I play video games quite a lot of time, and this gaming mouse turned out to be a real discovery. It accurately responds to movements, and the programmable buttons allow me to easily control the character. Very pleased!


The vertical mouse from this company has become a salvation for my joints. I work on the computer for long hours, and it helped avoid pain and discomfort. I recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the screen.


I purchased a wireless mouse for the convenience of working with my laptop. It connects easily and the battery lasts a long time. I no longer have wires and it has made my work area tidier. Thank you to the company for the products!

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